742 NE 47th Place • Des Moines, IA 50313 • (515) 528-2604  
742 NE 47th Place • Des Moines, IA 50313 • (515) 528-2604  

Fareway Fields

This outdoor turf area is a dynamic hub that caters to many athletic pursuits, offering an unparalleled experience for athletes and spectators. Fareway Fields can host baseball, softball, soccer, and other sporting or community events. The Fareway Fields component will feature: 

  • 10 acres of multi-sport turf fields 

  • 6+ acres of public park and trail space surrounding the area 

  • 8 baseball/softball fields or 4 full size soccer fields 

  • Concession Stands & Restrooms  

  • Parking, pedestrian walkways, and outdoor spectator space 


Home to 20 youth soccer fields, 2 collegiate soccer fields, 5-plex softball/baseball complex, Kentfield Fields: a 2 field Babe Ruth complex, 8 youth football fields and a new collegiate sized stadium housing football, soccer, and track. Oskaloosa’s Lacey Sports Complex is well known for providing an exceptional playing and viewing experience with the installation of Musco’s Show-Light® entertainment package as part of its TLC for LED® system, which brings professional-level special effects and light shows to the complex. 

James W. Cownie Baseball Park

James Cownie Baseball Park is an eight field baseball complex located in Des Moines. Cownie Baseball hosts a Little League season, USSSA tournaments and a wide variety of other baseball events. In all, Cownie Baseball holds over 1700 events per year.

James W. Cownie Soccer Park

James W. Cownie Soccer Park is a twelve field facility located in Des Moines. The complex hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Many events, ranging from Drake Bulldogs' home games to the US Youth Soccer National Championships, make up only a small portion of events taking place at the facility. Maintenance is provided on a year-round basis by Iowa Sports Turf.

Greater Des Moines Softball Park

The Greater Des Moines Softball Park is located at 4980 NE 46th Street. It opened July 1, 2004, and is home to Des Moines Parks and Recreation softball leagues for men's fast-pitch, men's slow-pitch and co-ed teams as well as high school girls' spring leagues. In addition, many district and national tournaments have enjoyed great success while enjoying state-of-the-art amenities at this beautiful complex.

Holiday Park Baseball Complex

Holiday Park Baseball Complex is an eleven field baseball complex located at 1701 Railroad Avenue in West Des Moines. The facility hosts USSSA tournaments and daily recreational baseball leagues for ages 5U to 15U.


Raccoon River Park is the home to WDM Adult Softball and Kickball Leagues and serves youth baseball and softball. This five-field, tournament-quality complex is available for league play, tournaments, and rentals. The irrigated fields and state of the art facilities make this one of the nicest and most desirable softball complexes in the Midwest. Each year, the Raccoon River Park Softball Complex hosts a variety of national, state, and regional tournaments along with a full slate of local league play.